Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mary Alberque

You know her as the lead singer of Finger Bang City, or possibly she is the producer on the web banners you are currently working on. Either way this girl has some cool ink.

Her first tattoo's were a pair of matching birds on each shoulder. She got them when she was 17 from a friend who is a tattoo artist. He was doing her a favor as she was supposed to be 18 to get a tattoo. Originally they were red, and did not turn out symmetrical. Another friend went back in and turned them blue and balanced them out.

This was the "most painful" of all the tattoos, "the star in the middle of the wrist was the worst." She got this one when she was 20. No big story behind it, she just wanted a girly looking bracelet.

One of the most amazing tattoos I have seen so far. This is a more intricate take on the classic Sailor Jerry Skull Moth tattoo. The work was done by well know Portland artist Lew Hess. Mary added the webbing in the wings and Lew suggested the skulls and peacock antenna coming out of the skull. She got this on Mother's day, but her Mom was not impressed.

When Mary got married her (now ex) husband was a chef and he could not wear a ring at work so they both got a skull and cross bone tattooed on their ring fingers. Love doesn't last forever, but a tattoo...

Mary has a Ramones crest tattooed on her upper leg (or butt -- we let her take that picture). The Ramones "represent more than just my favorite band. I stumbled upon them at a pivotal point in my adolescence; a sort of cognitive hallmark when one begins to consolidate their identity. So it only seems natural to tattoo all of their names on my ass."

She currently has no plans for any more tattoos, but she is open to more if the feeling is right.

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