Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sky McBean

My first tattoo is of a pair of tribal dolphins jumping out of water. The dolphins are in a circle while their tails form a heart and the water a butterfly. As you can tell many symbols in all of this. I see this as a representation of life (circle), intelligence (dolphins), love (heart), uniqueness (butterfly) and they are tribal as that is my heritage. I was born of the Columbia River Plateau People. I got this tattoo the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year of college at Sacred Art Tattoo in Corvallis. However, I don't remember the woman who did it as she was called upon to do it when the guy I had my appointment with had been fired. Not the best of luck with the artist situation, but I love it all the same.

My second tattoo is of a tribal turtle with a dream catcher on it's back. This represents Turtle Island, so that I remember that I don't have to carry the world on my back and the dream catcher allows my dreams to flow through into existence while keeping the bad things stuck. A reminder to myself to relax and let my dreams happen. My friend drew this tattoo up and we went and got it done at High Priestess Tattooing in Corvallis. Again, I really didn't know the artist and after he did a bad job I have learned my lesson. When I went back in to have it fixed he as well was no longer working at the shop, but another artist offered to touch it up and she did a great job.

I have many designs that I want to get put upon my body, but first need to find a tattoo artist that I can work with. I have yet to find a good Tribal tattooist. :( I think my next tattoo will be a feather around my wrist or a salmon up my side.