Friday, March 28, 2008

Joe Staples

It helps if you have an athletic body part to put your tattoo on and there are few people in the Portland office more fit than Joe. This tattoo reminds Joe to stay in balance. The top two circles are opposites and the bottom circle is everything in one.

Randy Jensen at Avalon Tattoo in San Diego did the work.

Caleb Jensen

This is one of my favorites so far. I wanted to get a tat on my forearm, but I wimped out and went with my calf. Caleb went bold with a cool tribute to his grandfather. This is the brand he used on his ranch in Nebraska.

This is his first one, done at Atlas in Portland, but he is open to more.

Evan Dumas

Under his shirt, our IT friend is hiding the beginnings of a full set of wings he plans to ink on his back. Evan’s dream is to build a flying machine. In fact he dreamed about this all the time as a kid and when he got this tattoo the dreams stopped.
The work was done by Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis. Check back for updates on this one.

Jay Berry

Jay Berry's artwork is a tribute to his California days. His sleeve is a design of California poppies and star jasmine, that winds up and around his arm. At the top is a family crest that is a tribute to his Irish roots. On his other arm he has a tribute to the Mission District, his San Francisco neighborhood.

All the work was done by Jennifer Billig at Atlas here in Portland.