Thursday, November 29, 2007

Felicia Glover

People often get tattoos at a young age and then regret them. This is one of those stories. At 15, the young and rebellious Felicia had a friend drive her all the way to Fayetteville (where there was a lot of military guys and a lot of tattoo places) so she could get this lovely flower tattoo on the back of her calf. Originally she wanted it on her arm, but the tattoo artist talked her out of it, saying she may regret it later, so it is now tucked away awaiting a possible cover up sometime in the future.

Speaking of cover ups, this beauty on her left arm is not original to the area. When she was 19, Felicia moved to San Francisco and after a couple of drinks she and a friend decided it was time to get a tattoo.

She got a ring of stars that was unfortunately a little crooked and instantly regretted. She was, "unable to wear tank tops for quite a while."

Several years later she moved to Oregon and one of her friends got the Carolina state flag tattooed on his arm. This led to her cover up idea. Originally she wanted the Carolina state bird, but a Cardinal is red and this is not a good cover up color, so she got this bird and made the trees Carolina dogwoods.

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