Monday, April 7, 2008

Craig Melchiano

I got most of my tattooes in San Francisco with the exception of 4 here in Amsterdam. I was never much on them having big elaborate stories, most of them are just little thoughts. I was more concerned with having great tattooers doing them and doing their thing. The tattooers I went to, (and they like 'tattooer' from what I have been told, not 'tattoo artist', most of them consider themselves craftsman and not artists.) Anyway, my tattooes are from these guys mostly.

Like I said the stories are simple, East of Eden cause it's the first book I remember reading, love James Dean as well, and there are some MORRISSEY references there. The crying girl wasn't even my idea, Chris surprised me with that one and I liked it, Golden is for Golden State, it says Garden State on the other side, Jersey cause it's where I was born and my dog's name, a chipped gem of some sort, a gargoyle protecting a friend over Paris,and there are others but I thought this was a good example.

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